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“Nothing is impossible to the mind of man, for the Conscious Mind controls the Subconscious Mind
and the Subconscious Mind is all-powerful.”
Uell S. Andersen, Three Magic Words

Ever since the ‘Thought of Creation’ when God/The Creator/The Universal Mind/The One created the Universe including humankind, humans have been creating realities with their thoughts. This ability of all of us to create through the power of our minds often goes on unknowingly and unwittingly.  Yet, if we learn to harness this power we can create and achieve most anything we desire.

Life Solutions Consulting’s life coaching services start here.  While we use conventional tools to identify facets of life a client wants to work on, we use a more alternative approach to harness the power of the mind to achieve results.

The biggest impediment to manifesting the life we want is our Conscious Mind:  The thoughts, fears, past pain, distractions of every kind and doubts – all of which plant themselves in our Subconscious Mind to then create exactly what we don’t want.  Learning to control our Conscious Mind is the first step to creating all that we desire whether it be family, personal growth, health, business, money, career or spiritual attainment.

To achieve success, both the client and the Life Coach need to be in agreement with the plan set forth.  The coach will offer guidance, resources, training, tasks and availability for ongoing support.  The client needs to bring a strong desire for change, commitment to participate in this change and an ongoing effort to implement the recommendations of the coach. 

Some results may come quickly, some may take more time and others may seemingly not appear at all.  Results depend on the client’s ability to touch and change their deeper consciousness and the time and determination they put into the life changing process.  The goal for the coach is to ultimately free the client of the distractions and obstacles of the Conscious Mind and open a new world of freedom, creativity and happiness.