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                WHAT IS A LIFE COACH

What is a life coach?  Coaching one’s life is not like coaching a sports team where the game has an ending.  In life, we want to avoid the ending so we need a coach that can truly listen, be a student of human behavior, be completely objective, and be willing to stand in a corner of our life until we can fly on our own.
The task of the life coach is to be on the sidelines and it is ultimately the client who must carry the ball.  He or she alone, is the team, and the coach is hired to nurture performance and attitude.  Uncontrolled inner conflict causes a loss of objectivity and hampers the ability to make beneficial decisions.  The life coach wants to illuminate the path towards developing greater self-awareness and provide the tools for sustaining the growth of natural instinct.
For those seeking life coaching it might be preferable if the life coach would have experienced at least one extreme incident, one so great that it caused significant behavioral alterations.  The incident would have had to be so intense, or perhaps life threatening, that it resulted in the lessening of ego dominating behaviors.   Often, this transformation of life can lead to a sharpening of the senses, the ability to see things objectively, and therefore provide valuable advice and information.   
The life coach examines all the major factors of a client’s life, both personal and professional.  A structure of trust and confidentiality must be forged.  Lifestyle choices will help the coach evaluate the current status of the client and attempt to shine light on behaviors that could be instrumental in either expanding or retarding growth.  A good life coach understands the reality of mistakes, failures, and successes
To be effective, life coaches and clients need to share mutual respect.  Open communication should always be a factor.  Good life coaches tend to have good hearts and the trust and communication level that ensues can form a close bond between client and coach.  
In essence, the life coach can only coach.  Those playing the game are ultimately responsible for their actions and the subsequent results. 
One should consider hiring a life coach, not so much because help is needed, but more for gaining clarification.  For some, nagging thought patterns limit constructive decision-making and it is easy to get overwhelmed with uncertainty.  The purpose of the life coach is to ultimately get their client back on track. 
These words were channeled through Bill Haber my good friend, associate and spiritual brother. No better description of what I do could be expressed.