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Life Coaching is something that I did not purposely choose at this time in my life.  It came to me.  A close friend saw this in me.  In many ways, it is a natural progression of my next role in this lifetime and is something I am both comfortable with and can give to others.  Life coaching for me is the essence of what we all should be doing for each other.

My path towards this point had its fair share of success and failures, pain, pleasures, fears, doubts, joy and life changing events.  In June 2015, I was diagnosed with a health issue which some would say should have pronounced me dead by now.  Instead I am thriving, excited to be alive, re-discovered a strong and steady spiritual path and with the support of some wonderful people I am now eager to help others discover their true powers to heal, create, manifest new realities and self-realize their true purpose – which is to feel joy in whatever we do.

My personal history is nothing out of the ordinary.  I’ve had several careers in the non-profit and private sectors as a lobbyist, fundraiser, salesperson, manager and business consultant.  I’ve had the traditional college education, technical, sales and leadership training and some awards.  I have chosen a spiritual path which has included studies in religion, mysticism and the human potential.  I have a background and knowledge out of personal interest in alternative and natural healing methods and guidance from professionals who have helped me heal and survive my last and most critical health challenge.  I owe a great debt of gratitude in this regard to Dr. Suprabha Jain, founder of the MDi Wellness Center , Raymond Francis, writer and founder of Beyond Health
and Pranic Healer, John Ortiz.  These people are truly aligned with Universal forces with a love, desire and power to heal and guide others.  They have taught me much.

My most inspirational time has been the last two years spent in spiritual study, exploration, meditation and self-realization of my personal powers to create my own realities against some pretty high corporeal odds.  Most importantly during this time I have left fear behind and in doing so opened new possibilities limited only by what I choose to do. 

What I choose to do now is help others realize their true power to achieve most anything they want with some guidance, direction to the right resources, coaching as a partner in life and ultimately freeing people of whatever shackles may be keeping them from realizing their true potential.  And, in this process, bring about an awareness and acceptance of the joy that exists in life for all us.

All of us have the power to create, to destroy, to cause pain or joy.  We have such power which we use every day either knowingly or unknowingly.  My role as a Life Coach is to help people become aware of this power and show them how they can use it to manifest anything they want.  Whether in business, personal growth, family, finance, health or any aspect of life, we all have the power to achieve our dreams.  As a Life Coach I stand ready to help those who are determined to take this journey and guide them in opening doors to new possibilities and new realities.

Gary Rosenberg
Life Coach